"The New 2001 Corvette Z06"

Z06. The Extreme Corvette. LS6. The Extreme Motor for an Extreme Car.

Chevrolet--Surprising People Again for the Year 2001.

Some might say that Chevrolet has nothing to prove in 2001. The fifth-generation Corvette ahs won critical acclaim, including "Best-Engineered Car of the 20th Century," a recent award for the convertible from Automotive Engineering International. But, driven by Chevrolet's philosophy of continuous improvement, they never stand still.


The all-new Z06 is the lightest, quickest, most rigid, most agile production Corvette ever created. It takes the body/chassis structure of the C5 hardtop and pumps up the volume in all directions with a new, deeper breathing LS6 V8 engine, track-tested suspension tuning and exclusive-to-Z06 lightweight components. The result? 1 g of cornering ability and 4-second 0-to-60 times. Z06 resoundingly answers the enthusiast's perennial question: "What have you done for me lately?" I'm confident that the performance extremist will gladly trade off some of the open-air feeling and creature comforts of the other Corvette models in 2001 for the exhilaration of piloting this one. Z06 will be identified in the years to come as an extremely significant Corvette.

After all this talking about the LS6, don't forget about one of the finest performance engines of all time, the original LS1 V8. The 2001 Corvettes, non-Z06's, still sporting the LS1, gets a significant upgrade in torque, and more horsepower.

The New Z06

It had to happen. The most serious Corvette to ever hit the streets. Zero-to-60 in four seconds flat. A top speed over 200 mph. Yet numbers begin to tell this performance story.

With the fixed-roof hardtop body as a robust starting point, Z06 is a complete competition package:

  • Unique LS6 V8 engine and six-speed transmission.
  • A specifically tuned chassis and lightweight titanium exhaust components.
  • An interior with custom touches.
  • An exterior that will be noticed.
  • And a storied nameplate...

The First Z06.

A lot of people believe that 2001 Corvette was the first to offer the Z06 package, they're wrong. The first Z06 was introduced as an option on the 1963 Stingray. It was a performance legend from day one.

A super-rare factory racer (only 199 were built), the Z06 included a fuel-injected, 327-cubic-inch V8, special suspension, metallic brake linings and a long-distance (36-gal.) fuel tank. Now this history-making-designation returns - on the quickest, most agile Corvette ever.

Stunning Choices

There is a total of 5 Exterior Colors, and 2 Interior Colors available on the 2001 Z06.

The Corvette color palette for the new 2001 Corvette's are as follows:
A asterisk (*) beside the color means that it is available on the Z06.


Exterior Colors

  • Speedway White *
  • Millennium Yellow *
  • Torch Red *
  • Black *
  • Quicksilver Metallic *
  • Dark Bowling Green Metallic
  • Magnetic Red Metallic II
  • Light Pewter Metallic
  • Navy Blue Metallic
Interior Colors Available on the 2001 Corvette's
A asterisk (*) beside the color means that it is ONLY available on the Z06.

  • Torch Red/Black *
  • Black *
  • Torch Red
  • Light Gray
  • Light Oak
  • Black


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