The C4. After, 1982 the GM employees got a break, or not? There was several 83 Corvettes built, but only one still exists today.  The quality of the 1983 Corvettes were very poor. So production for the C4 model didn't start until the middle of the 1983 Production year, in early 1984. Therefore, GM decided to start producing the C4 as the 1984 Vette. The new model was more compact on the outside, but more room on the inside. It was also more square and aerodynamic. It featured a rear hatch that opened and closed (like the 82 Collector Edition)

Several years were special, and stand out when you think of the C4. Below are examples of special Vettes during the C4 era that will be considered among collectors.

1986 (Pace Car Replica)
1988 (35th Anniversary Edition)
1992 (first year of the LT-1 engine)
1993 (40th Anniversary Edition)
1995 (Pace Car Replica)
1996 (Collector Editions, Grand Sport, and LT-4 equipped)
1990-1995 (ZR-1's)

Above is a pic of the only 1983 Corvette, that sits at the National Corvette Museum.
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