- Why is the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray so special, and is valued among so many collectors today?

The birth of the Sting Ray's began in 1963. It was an exciting year for the Vette, mainly because of the engine change and especially the model change. The one thing that made the 1963 so different from the rest of the Sting Ray's, was that it had a "backbone" window. The rear window contained a thin piece of fiberglass that ran from the top to the bottom of the window, creating the image of two windows in the rear. That thin piece of fiberglass has made a world of difference to collectors and the words "Sting Ray" itself.


  • Made in United States

  • Body made entirely of fiberglass

  • First year Corvette offered a coupe

  • Rare, split window model, only offered in 1963

  • 327cid V-8 engine with over 300hp

  • Rare factory air conditioning and automatic transmission

  • 10,594 Coupes were produced in 1963